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Sku: 2907202

Metal and Stud Detector Draper

  • Expert Quality.
  • Detects live and dead electricity cables, metallic water pipes, nails and wood studs in partition walling
  • Buzzer sounds when objects are located
  • Maximum depth penetration: AC live wires 51mm; metal pipes 60mm and wooden studs 19mm
Sku: 29015116

Metal detector Stanley S200


One-button operation makes it easy and quick to use. Detects wood at a depth of 19mm. Detects metal at a depth of 19mm. Detects active cables at a depth of 51mm. Locate material center. Ergonomic design with soft grip. Detection function with sound and LED light when detecting active wires. Quick start instructions are included.

Sku: 1808284

Moisture Detector Brennenstuhl

  • Moisture Tester to determine the moisture of wood, walls or other materials, such as, e.g. concrete, crick, screed, plasterboard, wallpaper.
  • Moisture Sensor with a measuring range of 5 -50% for wood, 1.5 - 33% for building material.
  • Moisture Detector with practical hold function allows measuring even in hard to reach places.
  • With automatic switch-off approx. 3 minutes after last use.
Sku: 29012496

Moisture Meter Draper

  • Perfect for measuring water content in wood, plaster and concrete.
  • The LCD display shows moisture content as a percentage.
  • Also able to measure ambient room temperature
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