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Sku: 0219428

Car Brush Claber Wippy Auto

  • Wash brush with rounded bristles, suitable for washing cars, campervans or caravans
  • Lightweight rust-proof aluminium extension to reach even high surfaces effortlessly
  • Round profile of the bristles: utmost convenience and easy cleaning
  • Sturdy brush head with synthetic bristles ensuring a good cleaning results
  • 120 cm long reach handle in anodysed aluminium and water flow regulating valve.

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Sku: 0220115

Car Brush Claber Wippy Car Kit

  • Wash brush for outdoor cleaning, ideal for washing cars, campervans, boats or garden furniture, exploiting the cleaning power of water
  • With soft bristles designed to clean without scratching surfaces
  • It can be used with the specific biodegradable shampoo sticks.

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Sku: 0219427

Car Brush Claber Wippy Car Turbo

  • Wash brush, ideal for removing even the most stubborn dirt, exploiting the clean energy of water
  • Equipped with an internal rotating brush driven by the clean energy of water and a lightweight, resistant, rust-proof aluminium extension to reach higher surfaces effortlessly and safely.

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Sku: 29014462

Car Brush Draper Flow Through Telescopic 3m

  • For cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories etc
  • Has on/off water control feature and snap-on hose connector.

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Sku: 2902314

Car Brush Draper Long Handle

  • Soft bristles with a lightweight plastic handle
  • Sold loose with swing tag.

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Sku: 2910017

Car Cleaner Turtlewax Wax it Wet 500ml

  • Simply wash and rinse your car, then spray on this Aqua Wax before towel drying.
  • As you dry, the wax bonds to the paint surface and starts displacing water.
  • Minute wax shine technology for quick application and a smooth, slick finish.
  • Reduces work and drying time during future car washes.
  • Provides instant shine and lasting protection.

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Sku: 01191508

Car Headlights Restorer Turtlewax

  • Quickly removes oxidation, renewing old, yellowing headlights without the need for a drill.
  • Contains a precision polishing pad, Headlight Lens Repair and Renew compound, and 2 ceramic acrylic sealing wipes
  • Boosts illumination and clarity for improved visibility and safety on the road
  • Seals lenses for long-lasting protection and a sparkling finish

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Sku: 29011499

Car Polish Turtlewax 500ml

  • Fine polishing agents remove light swirls, scratches, scuffs, and oxidation without scratching your finish.
  • Restores and renews lightly damaged painted surfaces and chrome.
  • Safe for all car exterior finishes and clear coat without causing burn-in.

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Sku: 29016858

Car Protectant Armorall Semi-Matte 300ml

  • Cleans by removing grime that can erode vehicle surfaces.
  • Protects the dashboard, guarding against fading and discoloration.
  • Retains surface suppleness, preventing cracking due to expansion and contraction.
  • Restores the original shine and color.
  • Versatile for non-automotive applications, from patio furniture to leather handbags.

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Sku: 0219815

Car Soap Armorall Wash & Wax 1L

  • Dual action formula waxes and cleans car leaving a gloss shine
  • Contains carnauba wax for a waxed look
  • Safe for all automotive finishes and bodywork
  • Designed to save you time and effort
  • Thoroughly dissolves any dirt and grime

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Sku: 29014681

Car Soap Turtlewax Leather 500ml

  • Triple-action formula cleans, conditions, and preserves luxurious leather interiors.
  • Leather conditioner includes a pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, aloe vera, and others.
  • Non-greasy, deep-penetrating formula leaves seats soft, supple, and natural-looking.
  • Suitable for cleaning, refreshing, and protecting vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces as well.

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Sku: 29014592

Car Tires Cleaner Armorall Tires Shine

  • Intense foam that activates on contact
  • Effortlessly removing dirt without the need for scrubbing.
  • Conditioners, nourish and restore car tires, providing a deep black appearance.
  • Blocking agents protect against harmful elements, preventing cracking and fading.
  • Includes 50% more gloss enhancers compared to the original formula.

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Sku: 29015950

Car Tires Cleaner Turtlewax Red Line 500ml

  • Removes stubborn, burned-on brake dust, tar, and road grime.
  • Begins dissolving soils on contact, requiring only light scrubbing.
  • Safe for multiple surfaces, including alloy and plastic wheel parts, brake components, decals, and tire sidewalls.

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Sku: 29016859

Car Wash Mitt Armorall Microfiber 2 in 1

  • Offers double cleaning power with two surfaces.
  • Soft noodles gently lift dirt and moisture, while the non-scratch mesh tackles tough stains.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, simply wash and air dry for the next use.

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Sku: 02221063

Car Wash Mitt Draper 2 in 1

  • Made from polyurethane with a raised grip perfect for creating a level finish over a bigger area.

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Sku: 11030802

Car Windows Antifog Rainrox 200ml

  • Prevents fogging on interior windows and rearview mirrors due to humidity or temperature changes.
  • Utilizes innovative hydrophobic science for an imperceptible shield.
  • Also ideal for reducing fogging on bathroom mirrors

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Sku: 29011993

Car Windows Cleaner Turtlewax 500ml

  • Works exceptionally well as a car window cleaner. Works great on glass, plastics, instrument clusters, touchscreens and more
  • The thick foam clings to vertical surfaces and ensures a streak-free finish.
  • Utilizes Clearvue Technology to surround dirt particles, lifting them into the cleaning cloth instead of streaking them along surfaces.
  • Formulated with UV protectant to help shield interior surfaces

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Sku: 11030803

Car Windows Rain Repellent Rainrox 200ml

  • Creates an imperceptible shield using innovative hydrophobic technology.
  • Treated surfaces make water droplets effortlessly slide off windscreen and side windows.
  •  Enables droplets to return to their original circular shape.
  • The windscreen stays cleaner, preventing dirt such as mud, insects, etc. from sticking to it for too long.
  • Facilitates easy removal of frost, ice, salt, mud, and insects from treated surfaces

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Sku: 2907943

Cloth Microfiber Super Klin (2pcs)

Cloth Microfiber Super Klin (2pcs)

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Sku: 2907999

Cloth Microfiber Zap (3pcs)

Cloth Microfiber Zap (3pcs)

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Sku: 07000036

Cloth Polish Falcon (6pcs)

Cloth Polish Falcon (6pcs)

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Sku: 29014507

Cloth Zap Microfiber (3Pcs)

Cloth Zap Microfiber (3Pcs)

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Sku: 2909332

Hands Soap Fast Orange 3.78L

  • The No. 1 selling, biodegradable, waterless hand cleaner without harsh chemicals or petroleum solvents.
  • Pure, natural citrus power cleans without stinging cuts or abrasions, fortified with aloe, lanolin, glycerin, and other skin conditioners to soothe hands.
  • Fine Pumice ensures deep cleaning of the toughest dirt.

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Sku: 02200599

Pressure Washer Kit Draper 20V

  • Portable pressure washer, Fully remote, no need for mains water supply to operate from a bucket or similar
  • Supplied with 6m self-priming hose, soap bottle, watering lance and extension lance, 1 x 2.0Ah battery and charger
  • D20 interchangeable battery system allows you to combine one battery with any of the tools within the D20 series.

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Sku: 0225067

Shampoo Sticks Claber (10Pcs)

  • Biodegradable shampoo stick that can be used with any Wippy wash brush for a deep, perfect clean.

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Sku: 0208052

Sponge Beaven

Sponge Beaven

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Sku: 0207050

Sponge Jumbo

Sponge Jumbo

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Sku: 02070941

Sponge Super Klin HD

Sponge Super Klin HD

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Sku: 0222717

Squeegee and Sponge Draper 200mm

  • Neoprene rubber blade on one side and foam sponge on other
  • Twist and lock handle
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