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Concrete Bonding Agent Sikadur 32 (Part A and B)

Sikadur 32 EF is a 2-part, epoxy based structural bonding agent. It is moisture tolerant and can bond wet or dry materials to damp or dry substrates.


Structural adhesive for bonding: Concrete elements (including bonding fresh to hardened concrete).
  • Hard natural stone
  • Ceramics, fibre cement
  • Mortar, bricks, masonry, render
  • Steel, iron, aluminium
  • Wood
  • Polyester, epoxy
  • Polyester / fibreglass and epoxy resin materials
  • Glass
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Sku: 2911285

Rebars Primer Sika Monotop 111 Anticorrosion 1kg

Sika MonoTop®-111 AntiCorrosion is a 1-component cementitious, polymer modified slurry containing silica fume, used as a corrosion protection for reinforcement and as bonding primer.


  • Reinforcement corrosion protection for concrete repair
  • Bonding primer on concrete and mortar
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Sku: 12010466

Repair Adhesive Sikadur 31 (Part A and B)

Its a 2 part, low VOC epoxy based, moisture tolerant, thixotropic, structural adhesive which bonds most construction materials. It has high mechanical strengths and can also be used for structural concrete repairs, joint filling and crack sealing. Can be used in do it yourself (DIY) applications, in addition to the traditional professional applications.


Suitable for structural concrete repair (Principle 3, Method 3.1 of EN 1504-9). Repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructure and superstructure works. Suitable for structural strengthening (Principle 4, Method 4.3 of EN 1504-9). Bonding plate reinforcement Suitable for structural strengthening (Principle 4, Method 4.4 of EN 1504-9). Adding mortar The Product can be used for interior and exterior use. STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE FOR BONDING:
  • Concrete elements
  • Hard natural stone
  • Ceramics, fibre cement
  • Mortar, Bricks, Masonry
  • Steel, Iron, Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Polyester, Epoxy
  • Glass
  • REPAIR AND REPROFILING FOR: Structural (beams, columns, walls, etc...) and nonstructural concrete elements
  • Small patches and edges
  • Honeycombs
  • Metal profiles
  • Bonding slip bricks
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Sku: 2904904

Repair Mortar Fast Setting Sika Waterplug 5kg

Sika MonoTop108 WaterPlug is a rapid-setting cement mortar for plugging water leaks in concrete and masonry walls.


  • Instant plugging of negative pressure water inlet through cracks, gravel niches and casting joints
  • Instant plugging of drained water outlets, during waterproofing treatments.
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Sku: 2020096

Repair Mortar Fast Setting Vechro Fast Cret 5kg

Fiber reinforced fast setting repair plaster, classified as R/CSII according to EN 998-1. Based on Portland white cement, gypsum free. Suitable for interior and exterior use, in order to repair worn parts of plaster, bricks, concrete, cement plasters etc. Ideal solution for restoration works.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Strong adhesion
  • Ideal solution for repairs

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Sku: 12010300

Repair Mortar Fine Coarse Sika Monotop 621 25kg

Ready mix fibre reinforced mortar, based on synthetic polymer modified binders, special additives, synthetic fibres and aggregates of special granulometry, aiming to enhance the properties of the mortar. This formulation leads to an excellent adhesion on heterogeneous substrates, even under the presence of paint residuals of different chemical nature.


Concrete surface protection, in accordance with the following EN 1504-9 Principles: 1: protection against penetration (coating); 2: moisture control (coating); 8: increase of resistivity (coating).
  •  Regularization of concrete surfaces with superficial blemishes
  •  Surface rendering after application or repair mortars
  • Surface rendering on to tiles, mosaics, etc.
  • Surface rendering on to old substrates
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Sku: 2907875

Repair Mortar Sika Multi Use Repair 112 5kg

One component ready to use, thixotropic mortar, based on cementitious binder and selected aggregates, containing synthetic microfibers, for concrete repair.


  • Restoration and repair of concrete elements (columns, balcony edges)
  • Resurfacing of damaged areas on vertical or horizontal surfaces of concrete
  • Reprofiling of concrete surfaces
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Sku: 0215384

Repair Mortar SikaRep 300 25kg

SikaRep Classic is a ready to use, one component, thixotropic repair mortar, for medium thickness, regular concrete structural repairs, meeting the requirements of Class R3 of EN 1504-3.


  • Concrete repair and reprofiling / resurfacing of damaged areas on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Honey comb fillings, pore, small defects, edges and joint side filling, forming and finishing of joints and covering
  • Suitable for restoration works (Principle 3, method 3.1 of EN 1504-9). Repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings and superstructure projects
  • Concrete repair and reprofilling (Principle 4, method 4.4 of EN 1504-9). Increasing the bearing capacity of the concrete structure by adding mortar. Suitable for preserving or restoring passivity (Principle 7, Method 7.1 & 7.2 of EN 1504-9). Increasing cover with additional mortar or concrete or replacing contaminated or carbonated concrete.
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Sku: 1201173

Repair Mortat Fast Setting Sika MonoTop Quick Fix 5kg

Sika MonoTop-110 QuickFix is a 1-component fast setting ready-to-use mortar based on cementitious binder and selected aggregates, designed as a fixing mortar characterized by the early strength development.


Sika MonoTop-110 QuickFix has been specially designed for all those works where a rapid setting mortar is needed, e.g:
  • Fixing of brackets, plugs, shelves, pipes
  • installation of armored doors and windows,
  • Anchoring of stakes, trellises, poles, fences
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