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Tiles Adhesive Adesital Extra 30 Power White C2TES1 (25kg)

Single-component, highly performing, cementitious, S1 deformable adhesive. Studied for installing large porcelain stoneware slabs.


  • Indoor and outdoor installation of every type of ceramic material (porcelain stoneware, double firing, single firing, klinker)
  • Indoor and outdoor installation of stone materials (if solid and humidity-proof)
  • Installation of ceramic tiles on heating floors and cementitious renders
  • Spot bonding of insulating and/or sound-absorbing materials such as foam polyurethane and polystyrene, rock or glass wool, cork
  • Installation of floors with heavy traffic
  • Installation on deformable substrates: gypsum board, asbestos cement, marine-type plywood, wood composition panels (suitably prepared, solid to water and not treated)
  • Installation on prefabricated concrete walls and on cured concrete substrates
  • Installation of ceramic tiles on ceramic, stone material and terrazzo tiles (suitably prepared)

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