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Ρολό Μπογιάς Beorol 25cm για Τρίτο Χέρι

The plastering roller is suitable for applying smoothing compounds and plaster on walls or ceilings, for sealing joints between plaster boards and for covering micro-perforated, self-adhesive or fiberglass grouting strips (plaster wall strips).

The special design of this roller enables low spraying and even application of plaster compound and filling on the treated surface. More efficient than traditional tools for applying plastering materials, the use of which requires more time and requires more frequent refilling. The specially designed bristle structure causes the roller to absorb a large amount of material and spread the smoothing evenly. The mass is applied 30 to 50% faster and with less effort. The roller does not break, does not leave fibers. Easy to clean after use.

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