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Glass Grinder GLASTAR Diamond Star


A great grinder for the beginning hobbyist, and the perfect grinder to start the new student down the road of success. The hassle-free performance of the Diamond Star allows students to spend more time learning.

In the carton, along with the grinder, you will find the following items:

  • An insert for 1″ grinding head
  • A flexible splash guard, which is to be installed on the top plate behind the grinding head.
  • Four adhesive backed rubber feet to be installed on the bottom of the grinder.
  • A one inch sponge which provides water to the grinding head, and two spares.
  • An Allen key to raise or remove the head.
  • An owner’s manual and warranty card.
  • A flexible drain stopper.

Please note that this grinder is specially modified from 110V to 220/240V.

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