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Cutting Disc Dronco Inox Evolution 125 x 1mm

Top-class 1-mm cutting disc for stainless steel and steel. For an extremelyfast and precise cut down to the millimetre – with minimal effort.


  • Work progresses quickly thanks to incredibly high cutting performance
  • A precise cut to the millimetre with minimal physical effort
  • Maximum service life and thus ultimate efficiency
  • Low-burr to burr-free edges (saves reworking)
  • No blue discolouration of the workpiece due to heat
  • Iron- and sulphur-free

Field of Application: For thin sheet metal used in car body building, tank system and container construction, steel cables, thin-walled profiles and pipes of stainless
steel, steel, non-ferrous metals or composite materials (glass-reinforced plastics), high temperature resistant materials (e.g. engine repairs in turbine sector).

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